We HJC, imports, manufacturing of Water purifiers and their spare parts.

Our company incorporated in the year 2014. HJC has team of qualified professionals and engineers having in depth knowledge of our Product.

Our activities include retail of Water purifiers and their parts, imports, manufacturing of RO Purifiers as per customers need, related components. We have strong customer base in Southern part of India that includes Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh. We have over 50000 satisfied customers in products that we manufacture and deal in.


    Healthy, Joyous, Cost-effective. Based on Asia, HJC will build a ranked healthy and joyful team, our product strategy is designed for human use, not for wasting.


    To keep the world away from pollution, Firstly let the children and the aged out of the dangerous of pollution.


    To be the top brand in Asian Environmental Health Industry and the most satisfied group for employees.

Our list of product includes
  1. RO Purifier System
  2. Inline Filters
  3. Membranes
  4. Pumps
  5. Commercial RO
  6. Sediment Filters
  7. Teflon tape

We are manufacturers of Third generation RO membrane which gives 98% rejection with high flow rate and at very effective prices.

We at HJC assure timely delivery, of right product at right time and at right place

For further details on our products and services, you can reach us

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